Massachusetts Automotive Insurance

Massachusetts requires drivers to carry four types of coverage.You are required to have adequate automotive insurance coverage in case of an accident or other vehicle-related incident.

Rates on insurance can vary greatly in cost depending on available options such as uninsured motorist coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage, rental vehicle, towing coverage and extensions of the state minimum coverage.

Dale Frank Insurance Agency strives to find the lowest rates on car insurance to remain competitive and offer discounts for safe drivers, good student drivers and multiple vehicles. To start a quote for car insurance, contact one of our agents and allow them to answer any questions you may have about car insurance in Massachusetts.

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Homeowners Insurance

Your home purchase can be one of the biggest investments you will ever make. At Dale Frank Insurance we know how important it is to protect your home and possessions.

What is Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance, or home insurance provides you with the security that you will be compensated in an event which can include losses occurring to one’s home, its contents, loss of use, or loss of other personal possessions. Homeowners insurance is also there to protect you for someone’s injuries on your property.

Why Buy Renters’ insurance

Renters’ insurance is an insurance policy which provides compensation for a tenants’s personal property in case of perils such as fire, theft and vandalism.


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Business Insurance

As a business owner Massachusetts state regulations require you to carry business insurance, the state of Massachusetts determines the basic insurance requirements according to the type of business you have, this can be insurance for corporations to small business insurance. Dale Frank Insurance will take you thru the process of determining the type of insurance and find the business insurance options that fit your budget.Your business insurance policy can include the following options:

Workers Compensation is required by law and can protect employees with medical expenses, death benefits, rehabilition costs, vocational rehabilition, lost income.

Commercial Property Policy covers the building, equipment inventory, damage to other property and more.

General Liability policy protects you from lawsuits incurred by negligence, bodily injury and property damage.

Excess Liability is a policy that can protect you from anything that exceeds your general liablity coverage.

Commercial Auto protects your one company vehicle or a fleet of vehicles in policy that resembles a standard auto policy.


Specialty Insurance

Boat, personal watercraft insurance and recreational vehicle policies provide you with specialized coverage. Insurance options range from personal effects replacement to fuel spill coverage.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability covers your legal liability for an accident that involves injury to another person or damage to someone’s property, up to the limit of liability you select.

With Comprehensive and Collision coverages, we pay for damage to your boat, personal watercraft and recreational vehicle if you’re involved in an accident or another covered loss, regardless of who is at fault. You only pay your deductible.